Terms and conditions

The following terms are used on leasing, booking and canceling reservations of our villas

Booking and payment

After reservation customer receives pro forma invoice either on e-mail or by mail. The amount of the pro forma invoice is 50% of final charge. Payment term is seven days.  After receiving keys, customer gets instructions and a map to villas.

Reservations are processed on the order of receiving. By making a reservation customer accepts the terms of lease. Reservation is binding. The reservation fee is issued as a pro forma invoice (50%) is issued after the reservation is accepted. The rest of the invoice (50%) is to be paid a minimum of seven days before the beginning of the reservation.


All cancellations must be done in writing via mail or e-mail to Koy Päijänteen Helmi (LLC). Cancellation takes place at the time the cancellation is received. Cancellation fee is the amount of  the reservation fee (50%).

Force majeure

The owner of the villas has the right to cancel the reservation in case of force majeure, or in case of impediment caused by forces outside of the owners influence (for example fire- or water damage). In case of the owner cancelling the reservation the customer has the right to receive full refund.


With the reservation fee invoice the owner sends the information of where to pick up the keys to villas. The owner has the right to charge the customer for any expense caused by misplacing the keys. ( for example re-serializing the locks and new keys)


Villa is available for the customer from 16.00 at the date of arrival until 12.00 (noon) on the day of departure. Smoking is absolutely prohibited inside at the villas! The number of overnight boarders must not exceed the capacity of the villa. The capacity of each villa is confirmed at the Villas -page.


Cleaning fee is included in the price.

Extra services

For a surcharge there are meeting rooms available in villas 1 and 3. The surcharge is a one time fee which does not depend of the duration of the reservation.


The customer is responsible for damages to the villas and / or to the fixtures directly to the owner. The customer is also charged for the working hours required to repair the damages. Villas are inspected after each customer. Fixtures damaged by their intended use will not be charged if the damages are reported immediately after the fact.

The right to modify prices

The owner reserves the right to correct errors in brochures before accepting a reservation. Should the fees and / or taxes affecting the price of  the lease change the owner reserves the right to increase the price and has the obligation to decrease the price, by the amount of the fees and / or taxes change.

Complaints and reclamations

Any and all complaints pertaining to the villas and / or fixtures must be addressed to the owner as soon as the customer becomes aware of deficiency. Should the deficiency not be fixed the customer is to make a written complaint to the owner within seven days after the end of the reservation. If the customer and the owner do not reach a consensus the customer can give the issue to be dealt in the Finnish Consumer disputes board.